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  • The Advantages of Blink Wireless Cameras


    Many crimes have been solved with the aid of security cameras. They helped identify perpetrators of felonies in homes and in the streets where they are installed. Having a security camera may not prevent the commission of crimes but may have helped in minimizing the number of committed felonies in places with security cameras.

    Security cameras have since evolved from wired CCTVs to a wireless version or the blink security camera. It has many advantages although with some disadvantages. It has to be connected to a stable internet and powered by batteries which may mean disruption of its functions when there is a problem on the internet connection or when the batteries are used up.

    But having a blink security camera has advantages that cannot be overlooked. With them installed in our homes, you will have more of the peace of mind that we all deserve when we are in the comfort of our homes.

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    Simple Technology

    With only the camera and your smartphone, you can have a blink security camera installed in your house. Unlike wired security cameras which need other devices like your TV, blink wireless cameras only need a stable internet, and you can get all the recordings in your smartphone.

    With a handy feature, blink cameras can be attached conspicuously in places where it is deemed necessary, like in the roof overlooking the yard or the entrance to your home. You can check on https://www.ddcountermeasures.com/blink-wireless-camera-review/ for specific features and what experts say about specific brands of blink wireless cameras.

    No Installation Discomfort

    Installing wired security cameras may take days to finish. Expect it to extend to more than a week if you have a massive house. Imagine all the dust coming from the drilling of your walls to let cables pass through.

    For wireless cameras, installation can take a few hours and can last for less than a day without all the dust.

    Water and Dust Resistant

    With its water resistant features, blink wireless cameras can be strategically attached anywhere in your yard. Because perpetrators will always find ways to enter their targeted premises, wireless cameras can be placed outdoors in the front yard or backyard for a full view of possible entry and exit points.

    While it is resistant to rain during rainy seasons, wireless cameras are also dust resistant which makes it usable even during the dusty days of summer. Placing it in the ceiling is no problem because of its resistance to dust.

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    Clear Night Vision

    The night vision feature of blink wireless cameras is probably the most impressive feature. With crimes usually happening at night, this feature is truly very critical in the detection and solution of crimes.

    With a sensor light that is not visible to the human eye, perpetrators will not have the idea that they are being videoed. Movements can send message to your smartphone so you can be proactive in your stance against felonies.

    Crimes still happen even if we have security cameras all around us, but according to a study, crimes in busy streets with security cameras have been minimized with a lot of offenders identified and tried.…

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